For safe, reliable and effective tattoo removal, put your trust in The Laserase Promise

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Our promise to you

  • Expertise Laserase has been carrying out tattoo removal for nearly 20 years
  • Equipment We use high-end Q-switched lasers proven to be the safest and most effective for tattoo removal
  • Professionalism Our clinics are registered, regulated and audited by the Care Quality Commission
  • Care & Hygiene We maintain the highest standards to minimise the risk of complications

In the wrong hands

There are many different techniques now available in tattoo removal, only one of which has a proven track record and that is high-energy Q-Switched lasers. Injections, creams, acid and other non-laser methods are, in our experience not just ineffective but potentially hazardous. If these low-cost alternatives worked, we would use them.

You need to know all the facts before making a decision on tattoo removal and Laserase has more collective experience than any other provider in the UK.
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